Flat Iron Steak – Soho

Don’t you love it when a restaurant has one speciality and does it well? When you want asian buns, you go to Bao. When you want a burrito, you go to Wahaca or Chipotle. And now, we all know that when you want a steak, you must go to Flat Iron.

This place has gotten it right. Albeit hard getting a table, one you do, you won’t regret it. Popcorn is already on the table, awaiting your arrival, as well as the infamous mini cleaver to help you tuck into your steaks. The Flat Iron steak is £10 – a great deal. And then come the sides. Creamed spinach, beef dripped fries, and roasted aubergine with parmesan. Devine. And you veggies out there – don’t fret, you can get the aubergine side done as a main. The cocktails are fresh and tasty too!

It’s a must.






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